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Sugar Training for Nirmala-KG Teachers

November 15, 2012 by


The Sugar Training Workshop for the teachers at Nirmala Kindergarten was held between 5th and 8th November 2013, two and a half hours each day for the four days. Besides giving an overview of Sugar, the training also focused on some specific activities that cater to children of the age group that we were dealing […]

Second Sugar-OLPC Project in Goa

October 25, 2012 by


Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE), our primary partners in the OLPC project here in Goa, have around 18 XO-1s with them, which were initially kept there with the idea of using them for centralised Teacher Training workshops for Sugar for the Goa OLPC projects. But, since we have only the Merces school project on the […]

New Activities for the New Year

July 8, 2012 by


On Saturday July 7th, 2012, we conducted a Teachers’ Update Training session at Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces, Goa for the primary school teachers who have been involved with the OLPC project at the school. Besides Harriet Vidyasagar who has been with the Merces OLPC project since its inception, Bindi Dharia, an intern […]

Collaborative Chatting!

February 20, 2011 by


We had another XO session with the teachers at Merces on Saturday 19th Feb – our only one for this month. This time Milan Khanolkar came along with us. Milan is the resource person with whom we have earlier conducted Digital Storytelling workshops (the digital stories can be seen on the Siolim Diaries blog). She […]

Teachers at Merces do Turtle Blocks

January 22, 2011 by


We had a couple of good training sessions with the Merces primary teachers (last Saturday 16th Jan, and today 22nd Jan). Showed them Turtle Blocks and after an initial struggle understanding the process, they seem quite comfortable with it now. We had them drawing hexagons, triangles and letters of the alphabet – they struggled quite […]

Sugar Training at Merces, Goa

November 1, 2010 by


Between October 26 and 30, 2010, Monsoon Grey conducted a 6-day Sugar Training workshop for teachers at Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces, Goa. This was part of the ongoing OLPC deployment at the school, which Monsoon Grey had become a part of since July 2010. The aim of the workshop was to familiarise […]