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Nirmala-KG goes live with Sugar-OLPC

February 5, 2013


The second Sugar-OLPC project in Goa went live today – Feb 5th, 2013 – at Nirmala Kindergarten. The first one at Merces has been running for close to 3 years now. For Nirmala KG, the planning had started a few months ago in August of 2012 (see previous post ‘Second Sugar-OLPC Project in Goa‘). We […]

XS Learning with Sameer Verma

January 29, 2013


In January 2013, Sameer Verma from SFSU, during a trip to India, visited Goa – a detour that happened mostly because of Harriet Vidyasagar’s efforts to keep all the working OLPC projects in India visible to the outside world, while simultaneously ensuring that we got the best minds to get a firsthand look at the […]

Sugar Training for Nirmala-KG Teachers

November 15, 2012


The Sugar Training Workshop for the teachers at Nirmala Kindergarten was held between 5th and 8th November 2013, two and a half hours each day for the four days. Besides giving an overview of Sugar, the training also focused on some specific activities that cater to children of the age group that we were dealing […]

Walter Bender’s India Visit

September 12, 2012


Walter Bender, founder of Sugar Labs, was in India during August 2012. Read the summary of his visit in his own words in this blog post.. I’ll be posting here about specific aspects of his visit and the follow up action and enthusiasm that it has triggered in the Sugar/OLPC community here, but till then, […]

New Activities for the New Year

July 8, 2012


On Saturday July 7th, 2012, we conducted a Teachers’ Update Training session at Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces, Goa for the primary school teachers who have been involved with the OLPC project at the school. Besides Harriet Vidyasagar who has been with the Merces OLPC project since its inception, Bindi Dharia, an intern […]

A Visit to Khairat

June 28, 2012


The beginning of the monsoon and the first rains could only make the much awaited visit to Khairat village more exciting. Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer enthusiasm and energy of the teacher Sandeep Surve who almost single handedly ensures that the OLPC project at the small village school in Khairat is a […]

Upgrading Sugar on 104 XOs!

August 30, 2011


Before the new academic year and the XO classes at Our Lady of Merces High School could start, we decided to check on the condition of all the XOs at the school, as well as those at Nirmala Institute of Education (kept there for use during Teacher Training courses). Some problems had been reported by […]

Digital Stories Vol.3

July 16, 2011


This is last volume of Digital Stories from the ‘Digital Stories in Sugar’ workshop held at Our Lady of Merces High School in Merces, Goa in April 2011. The stories in all the volumes (see previous posts) have not been presented in a chronological order of when they were recorded; in fact a couple of […]

Digital Stories Vol.2

July 13, 2011


While designing the ‘Digital Stories in Sugar’ workshop, one of the changes that we decided to make from our earlier workshops (which were with much older children) was to do away with the ‘Scripting’ session. In those workshops, the participants would learn about how to script their stories and then work at home to bring […]

Digital Stories in Sugar Vol.1

July 10, 2011


This post, and the ones that will follow, will bring out the stories that the 3rd and 4th grade children of Our Lady of Merces High School (Merces, Goa) recorded during the course of the ‘Digital Stories in Sugar’ workshop that we conducted at the school in April 2011. Though we have previously held Digital […]