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It’s finally online! The film ‘Sugar and Spice’ that we made as part of the process documentation for the ‘Digital Stories in Sugar’ workshop held in April this year has now been uploaded on YouTube. The workshop was held at Our Lady of Merces High School in Merces, Goa over ten days between 1st and 13th April 2011. At 32 minutes (including credits) the film is not your average size YouTube video, and I’ve had friends asking me if it’s going to be like watching someone else’s wedding footage! Well, even though the target audience for the film was the participants of the workshop (25 kids from the school), their parents and their teachers, I think it should still make interesting viewing for someone who wasn’t there at the workshop – it is the children’s stories, which they recorded during the workshop, strung together with video footage and still photos taken while the workshop was happening. The stories are in their own voices, recorded by the kids themselves using the Record activity on their XOs. The photos (except for one) and video footage is not by the kids – that was taken by us (not on the XO!). Since having 25 stories in one film would have made the film even longer, we included only 15 of them in the film, but all the stories including the ones not in the film are available for listening on our earlier blog posts (Digital Stories Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3).

Enjoy the film. Click the CC button at the bottom of the player to enable English subtitles, if not already enabled (red).

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