Digital Storytelling with Sugar on XOs

Posted on April 13, 2011 by


Gayathri addresses the parents of the children

Today we concluded the 10 day ‘Digital Storytelling in Sugar’ workshop at Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces, Goa. We had 25 children (12 boys, 13 girls) of grades 3 and 4 who registered for this workshop. It was hugely successful and the growing involvement of the children over the 10 days and the excitement they showed when the XOs were handed over to them each day was the greatest reward. We have been able to record the entire process – it was a 10 day, 3 hours a day workshop that began on the 1st of April. The workshop was conducted primarily by Salil Konkar and Milan Khanolkar with the support of three young volunteers Radha, Sneha and Neil. It was held between April 1st and 13th, 2011.

Parents learn about the workshop

We began with children whose voices were barely audible on day-one (we actually needed a voice modulation game to encourage them to speak louder!) and ended with a lot of very interesting stories captured by them on their XOs – their creative journey self documented. In the process of creative exploration they learned a lot of activities on Sugar – Record, Memorize (they had played this before but this time they made their own games), Jigsaw Puzzle, Numbers, Turtle Blocks, Paint, Tux Paint (this activity had to be done on the desktops in the computer lab, too heavy for the XOs running an older version of Sugar). A lot of different techniques were additionally used to get them to weave their personal stories together – painting, doing paper collage, mask making, making music etc. It was a multimedia experience in it’s truest sense.

As an anecdote it is worthwhile to mention that on Day-4 a couple of boys got a little boisterous and knocked a table to the ground sending two XOs flying! Everyone held their breath but YES!! not only did the XOs remain unbroken, they continued to function without a problem – NO damage done. We were suitably impressed, though we didn’t encourage any more of that boisterous play. 🙂 We used 60 laptops in 2 sets of 30 (one set in use while the other set was charging), and faced no hardware related problems.

The workshop was conducted by Monsoon Grey. The resource persons were Milan Khanolkar, Salil Konkar and Gayathri Rao Konkar. The volunteers were Radha Chandy, Sneha Chaudhury and Indraneil Chaudhury. It was financially supported by The Digital Bridge Foundation (DBF). The workshop was made possible with consultative support from Harriet Vidyasagar (Consultant, E-Learning). The partners for the  OLPC deployment at Merces are DBF, Gnowledge Labs (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science & Education, TIFR) and Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE).