Sugar Training at Merces, Goa

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Between October 26 and 30, 2010, Monsoon Grey conducted a 6-day Sugar Training workshop for teachers at Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces, Goa. This was part of the ongoing OLPC deployment at the school, which Monsoon Grey had become a part of since July 2010. The aim of the workshop was to familiarise the teachers with some of the basic Sugar activities, and to get them to develop their own content using these activities.

The six day intervention was structured keeping in mind that at the end we should have some outputs coming from the teachers themselves, in a way that those outputs could be directly applied in their classrooms. We used ‘Memorize’, a tile matching activity in Sugar, as the main activity around which to build the smaller blocks that would be used to create the various Memorize games. Since the teachers know best what would be useful to their students and what would work best, we let them decide what kind of activities they would want to create under Memorize, guiding them only with suggestions and possibilities. Quite a few of them came up with very concrete ideas, and we decided to use those as examples while learning.

As Memorize can accept as input plain text, images, as well as audio, after the introduction to Memorize and understanding what the final goal was, they learnt in detail the Paint and Record activities as well. This they did over the next 3 days. They created drawings in Paint, became familiar with taking pictures in Record, and each of them used the Audio Recording to record their voices – they introduced themselves, spoke about themselves, and a few of them even sang songs within the 2-minute time limit that we set in Record.

Here are some samples of the audio recordings that the teachers did on their XOs:

(Pranita Vengurlekar introduces herself.)

(Remisa Rebello sings and records a song.)

The next two days were spent practising what we had learnt so far and in planning and developing specific Memorize games – we asked them to create games based on what they would like to teach using the XO (rather than what we think they should teach), and the teachers came up with a good and varied set of ideas simply thought they could use the XO to record poetry recitation.

Eventually, by the end of the workshop, we had a good sampling of outputs – two of the teachers actually created a ‘find-the-opposite-word’ game in Memorise using the Devnagri script without any assistance from us, that too at home. Then we had a Memorize game for matching fractions with their geometric representation and an assortment of other games matching various combinations.

The workshop was conducted by Monsoon Grey (Salil Konkar & Gayathri Rao Konkar) It was financially supported by The Digital Bridge Foundation (DBF). The partners for the OLPC deployment at Merces are DBF, Gnowledge Labs (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science & Education, TIFR) and Nirmala Institute of Education (NIE).

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